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Why I Left the 9 to 5 for Food

People wonder why I left a job that I had spent 16 years at for a rather risky jump into the self employment field of catering. I had several reasons.

  1. It's my own business. I can be as creative as I want to and continue to grow my success.

  2. I can make my own rules.

  3. The nice thing about working with food is that I'm never hungry. (the bad thing is I can't fit into my old work clothes)

  4. When you do something you love, you aren't really working.

  5. No one knows if I'm still in my pajamas at noon.

  6. You learn just how good you are when you follow your passion.

  7. It makes my heart happy to feed people the food they love.

  8. I can make my own hours... and it's never really 9 to 5. Usually 10 to 10 or something crazy like that!

  9. Food is very helpful in making a lot of friends. People talk to you more when you feed them.

  10. I win awards and cool things happen.

Of course it's not for everyone. Of course it's not always great. But I once read "if you follow your passion, you will find your purpose". I have and given the choice I will never look back. It's cool being your own boss and driving that train to reach the destination of your dreams. I fail, I learn, I thrive and I'm so happy with my choice.

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