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The Twelve Days of Christmas (Recipes)

Today is the first day of December and while it isn't traditionally the Twelve Days of Christmas which runs from December 25 - January 6th, I'm delivering to you the Twelve Days of Christmas recipes.

When I think about Christmas the first thing that comes to mind is the food I grew up with and the traditions of food that I know. It was never glamorous or gourmet, but those foods that always make me think of home and the people that made them.

I'm sharing with you the ones that make my heart happy and make me feel the warmth of Christmas. For the next twelve days, check in and see the memories unfold. I hope you like them.

MOM'S CHRISTMAS EGG NOG (an untraditional version that was one that my family loved and we had it every Christmas Eve.)


1/2 dozen eggs

3/4 cups sugar

3 or 4 Tablespoons Vanilla (go with the 4!)

7 or 8 good dashes fresh ground Nutmeg

3 quarts milk (do the whole milk... it's Christmas!)

1 quart ice cream


Beat together the eggs, sugar and vanilla throughly. Once beaten add in the milk and ice cream and combine. Refrigerate, drink and enjoy.

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